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Payer Concierge Service

ReveMed recognizes that complaints about payer hold-time are constant in managing AR and prior authorizations.  The Payer Concierge Service allows you to instruct the payer to call when it’s convenient for your billing agent, eliminating responding to redundtant payer IVR prompts and waiting on extensive hold-times for a payer rep to pick up.  Hold-time data is stored and frequently analyzed by the Payer Concierge Service on a payer by payer basis.

EDI Import Tool

RevX was made for clients that have struggled to create an input file with the various formats and integrity of healthcare data.  Now you can rely on RevX to not only import your file, but to format it appropriately for claim status (276) and eligibility transactions (271).

Business Rules Engine

RevX recognizes that claim status responses alone are not enough to move the needle in your operations.  RevX deploys thousands of business rules both pre and post claim status processing.  Imagine the efficiencies gained by a platform (RevX) that can detect and correct bad data pre-processing and then automate the next action post processing of claim status results.  RevX includes an off the shelf library of best-practice business rules based on the standard claim status responses.

Workflow Engine

RevX allocates accounts based on a real-time scoring algorithm that maximizes collectability.  It considers claim age, balance, timely filing limits and staff ability when allocating work.

Real-Time Business Analytics

RevX provides detailed business analysis accomplished in real-time.  Claims in inventory can be grouped, filtered, sorted, and aggregated by analysts and then saved for future reference or shared.  Business users can now generate reports that previously required SQL and report writing expertise.

Payer IVR Extraction

RevX eliminates the routine and redundant activity of calling payers to navigate through, and collect data, from the self-service IVR.  High speed dialing and processing of accounts replicates what Collectors do at Mach speeds!

Insurance Discovery

RevX allows Collectors, at the press of a button, to match self-pay accounts or canceled policies with active plans.  No longer wait for a batch file as real-time results provide a lift to your collection efforts while patient address information helps with the statement process.

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