ReveMed Technologies is re-energizing the EDI claim status process with BI that improves several areas of efficiency within organizations, including off-shore partners. Our state of the art automation offers workforce solutions and management reports for increased proficiency at all organizational levels.  Some of our solutions include: 


–        Our Payer Concierge dramatically reduces excessive amounts of hold-time that billing agents experience everyday when calling into payers to identify missing or inaccurate subscriber information for efficient AR management and pre-authorizations. 

–        Savvy payer data retrieval that provides fast and reliable claims information to aid the claim management process.

–        Provides 1,000+ business rules for internal reference and trouble shooting.

–        With just a few keystrokes, our Insurance Discovery tool accelerates collection rates and immediately confirms subscriber insurance coverage and/or eligibility.

–        Database of hundreds of payer contact phone numbers, reducing the amount of time internal staff research to identify.


Whether you’re a beginner or expert in revenue cycle management, ReveMed Technologies will accelerate organizational efficiency for timely and accurate solutions.