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ReveMed Technologies is challenging the status quo of Insurance Verification and AR management with our user-friendly, cost-effective tools and enterprise platform.  Each tool targets a specific problem in contacting and collaborating with payers.

Payer Concierge Service

Our Payer Concierge Service turns the call center world upside down by drastically minimizing hold time and connecting staff with payers without hold time and without staff calling payers!

The Payer Concierge Service aggregates hold time by payer and provides a dashboard to guide staff throughout the day. This mean hours of time lost per staff member can be turned into productive time.

How many times have you sat on hold with Blue Cross only to discover that you need to call a different number?  Our Blue Cross Finder solution provides the correct payer phone number to resolve these situations!  We have similar solutions for IPAs and MCOs.

Real-Time Eligibility, Insurance Discovery, and Claim Status

ReveMed Technologies is re-energizing EDI claim status transactions with innovative Real-Time Claim Status, Eligibility, and Insurance Discovery tools. These services are available independently or as part of the RevX Enterprise Platform.  When used with RevX, these transactions are automatically performed by our state of the art business rules and workflow engine, replacing repetitive analysis and key-stroking performed by follow-up staff.

Your Issues, Our Resolutions

License the RevX platform in full or choose the components that best suits your needs and simply implement!

RevX user defined Column Map allows operations to map data into a flat format. The RevX EDI tool can also import and export data as needed for the business process without relying on IT.

RevX scores and allocation which accounts should be worked by Collectors to accelerate cash flow and improve productivity.

RevX challenges the status quo of AR Management by having payers call collectors, thereby significantly reducing hold time.

Automating the routine task of assigning disposition codes and other actions based on the status of the claim is one task performed by our Business Rules Engine. Implementing a complete rule set has resulted into 30% - 40% touch-less transactions, allowing Collectors to analyze patterns amongst payers.

Our claim status scrubber detects and corrects erroneous data before claim status requests are processed. With over 1,000 business rules, RevX is driving a significantly higher success rate of claim status responses leading to more calls avoided with payers.

RevX Payer Contract Management (PCM) automates the time consuming comparison of payments on revenue and procedure codes to contractual amounts, including commercial payers and soon to include Medicare and Medicaid.

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